Mangrove planting highlights FishCon '08 festivities
A photo essay on BFAR 8's mangrove planting last October 22, 2008 in celebration of the Fish Conservation Week.
>>BFAR 8 adopts a mangrove area for FishCon '08
First tilapia breeder takes off
CATUBIG, NORTHERN SAMAR - To provide accessible food to river-dwelling communities through continuous augmentation ofthe fish population of inland water bodies, the first tilapia breeder sanctuary in the country was launched last September 30, 2008.
>>First tilapia breeder sanctuary
BFAR 8 unveils first deep sea seaweed park
Global warming has greatly affected the seaweed production in shallow waters. To address this concern, the Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources (BFAR) crafted the Deep Sea Seaweed Park Program.
>>First deep sea seaweed park
Priority Commodities
2007 Annual Accomplishment Report
The Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources 8 continued its winning streak in 2007 posting a fish sufficiency level of 148%. Indeed, the 134% recorded in 2006 was no fluke.
The municipal, commercial and aquaculture sectors exhibited increases in production. The municipal sector shared 43.84% of the total. Meanwhile, aquaculture and commercial sectors grew by 12% and 10%, respectively.
The total fish production for the region was pegged at 191,409 mt.
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