Regional VIII Online


BFAR 8 has produced brochures and leaflets for various culture technologies, mariculture park guides, fishing gears, post harvest, annual reports and fishery law enforcement activities in English, Tagalog and Waraynon. The following downloadables are some of these.


Fisheries Management Areas 



Culture Technology


Mariculture Park References

  • Mariculture Operations Manual
  • Guidelines for Accreditation of Ancillary Industries
  • Fingerlings Supplier Accreditation Form
  • Fishcage Fabrication Accreditation Form
  • Feeds Supplier Accreditation Form


Post Harvest and Fishing Gear Guides


Annual Reports


Fishery Law Enforcement Activities

  • Seaborne Operation
  • FLET Protocol (Oplan Market Visit)
  • A. 8550 (Phil. Fisheries Code) A Primer
  • Ano an Fish Sanctuary
  • Pangilal-an han Isda nga Binadilan

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