I. Basic Information

AddressBrgy. Sto. Niño, Guiuan, Eastern Samar
Geographical LocationN 11.0441364° E 125.7289452°
Total Land Area1.9 hectares
Date EstablishedMarch 1962
Established/Acquired thruDonation under Tax Declaration No. 409001
Status of Land OwnershipOwned by BFAR
Development ZoneMarine Aquatic Zone
Major ThrustAquaculture Development
Minor ThrustCoastal Resource Management
Station SuperintendentNelia Gabon-Tomayao
Contact. No.0929-632-5594 / 0905-594-0783

II. Details of Production

 No. of UnitsTotal Area (ha)Estimated Production Area (ha)Estimated Production Capacity (MT/yr)
Central Bangus Hatchery10.6 ha0.5 ha5 M fry per year
Seacucumber10.08 ha0.05 ha85,000 juveniles per year
Blue Swimming Crab Hatchery10.4 ha0.4 ha35,000 juveniles per year
Abalone Hatchery10.08 ha0.05 ha40,000 juveniles per year
Finfish Hatchery10.03 ha0.03 ha 
Giant Clam Hartchery10.03 ha0.03 ha5,000 juveniles per year
Freshwater Prawn Hatchery10.02 ha0.02 ha80,000 juveniles per year
Mangrove Crab Hatchery10.03 ha0.03 ha 

III. Commodities Produced

 No. of pcs/units Estimated Volume of fingerlings produced (Annual)
Milkfish400 pcs (100 pcs per cage)5M fry/year
Seacucumber200 pcs85,000 juveniles per year
Abalone400 pcs35,000 juveniles per year
Other Seedstocks
Giant Clam, Freshwater Prawn, Siganids, Grouper (Tiger Grouper, Coral Trout and Green Grouper), Pompano, Mangrove Snapper900 pcs250,000 per year