Integrated Marine Environment Monitoring System – PHASE II

Protect, conserve and manage the country’s marine and aquatic resources on sustainable manner.
Intensify the implementation of BFARs monitoring, control and surveillance(MCS) to combat Illegal, Unreported and Unregulated fishing (IUUF).
Strengthen the existing Vessel Monitoring System (VMS) of Phase 1 to create an integrated and operational fisheries and marine environment monitoring center to comply with the implementation of various conservation and management measures (CMMs) in the Coastal States and Regional Fisheries Management Organizations (RFMOs).
Scope/Location of Project: Nationwide (Main NFMC will be located at the BFAR Central Office in Quezon City).
Vessel Monitoring System Transceivers – 5,000 VMS Transceivers for Commercial Fishing Vessels
Port and Coastal Monitoring System – 15 Type 1 Sensor Stations and 117 Type 2 Sensor Stations to regional and local ports
Electronic Reporting System – 5,000 Terminals for Commercial Fishing vessels to enable electronic catch reporting and 500 terminals for Fisheries Observers
Satellite Maritime Domain Awareness – 300 satellite radar images and a continuous feed of VMS and AIS data
Meteorological Environmental and Production System – 20 sets of sensor system to provide real time monitoring of the sea environment
National Marine Data Center – Central database and network control and monitoring system
Fisheries Monitoring Centers – 1 National Fisheries Monitoring Center and 15 Regional Fisheries Monitoring Centers
Ocean Resource Information System – analysis of ocean environment and stock assessment modelling
Capacity Building
Region 8 IMEMS Project Update

Component No. of Installed
PCMS Type IOn-going
as of Nov.23, 2022