I. Basic Information

AddressBrgy. Aroganga, Laoang, Northern Samar
Geographical Location12⁰35’41” N 125⁰1’20” E
Total Land Area (has)1 ha (Hatchery Land Area)
Date EstablishedFebruary 6, 2006 (as Mariculture Park) Year 2014 (establishment of hatchery)
Established/Acquired thruMOA as part of Mariculture Area
Status of Land Ownership 
Development ZoneMarine water/Seawater
Major ThrustMilkfish and Siganid
Minor ThrustMangrove Crab/Blue Swimming Crab
Station SuperintendentManilyn O. Llenares
Contact. No.0975-344-7221/0961-733-4371

II. Details of Production

 No. of UnitsTotal Area (ha)Estimated Production Area (ha)Estimated Production Capacity (MT/yr)
Larval Rearing Tanks (Milkfish & Siganid)60.0250.024.09
Mangrove crab Larval rearing tanks (under construction)80.01360.0134.04
Natural Food Tanks120.0290.027.018
Broodstock Tank30.0180.0150.15

III. Commodities Produced

 No. of pcs/units Estimated Volume of fingerlings produced (Annual)
Broodstock (cages)  
Milkfish700 pcs./cageUnder broodstock development
Siganid200 pcs./cage150,000 fry/yr
Other Seedstocks  
Mangrove Crab80,000 zoea/unit50, 000 crablets