I. Basic Information

AddressBrgy. Dist. III, Babatngon, Leyte
Geographical Location11024.69’N & 124050.948’E
Total Land Area (has)9.4846 hectares
Date EstablishedYear 1979
Established/Acquired thruDeed of Absolute Sale and Tax Declaration
Status of Land OwnershipFort issuance of Special patent
Development ZoneFreshwater
Major ThrustTilapia Fingerlings Production
Minor ThrustCommon carp fingerlings production Giant gourami fingerlings production
Station SuperintendentReinafil C. Bernal – OIC designate
Contact. No.0933-815-4968

II. Details of Production

 No. of UnitsTotal Area (ha)Estimated Production Area (ha)Estimated Production Capacity (MT/yr)
Pond Hatchery
Tilapia (Fry/Fingerlings Production)
Nursery Pond (1, 2, & 3)30.190.23519.77
Rearing Pond (1 to 6A, 7, & 9)80.091.463,359.07
Tilapia Broodstock Production
Nursery Pond (4, 5, & 6)30.10.2634,341.15
Rearing Pond (6B)10.090.1452,400.28
Tank Breeding
Tilapia (Egg Collection)
OT (2 to 9)8185.99148.792512.22
Giant Gourami (Egg Collection)
OT (1)137.19827.925.11
Common Carp (Fry Production for Grow-out)
IT (1 to 3)322.2616.69515.66

III. Commodities Produced

Commodities Produced
TilapiaNo. of pcs/unitsAnnual Volume of Fingerlings produced (Annual)
a. Broodstock Production66,0926,741.43 (from fingerlings produced for grow-out)
b. Fry/Fingerling Production for Grow-out22,407,2364,391
Other Seed Stocks
a. Common Carp125,21315.65
b. Giant Gourami50,21725.11