List of Frontline Services

Analytical Services for Regional Red Tide Laboratory

  • Collection of water and shellfish samples
  • Plankton identification on water samples
  • Qualitative and quantitative plankton analysis
  • Mouse bio-assay test / analysis on shellfish samples (PSP Detection)
  • Issuance of shellfish product certificate
  • Cyanide Detection Test (endorsement only / no available test kit)

Issuance of Fish Health Laboratory Test/Result

  • Health Certificate
  • Biological/Bacterial/Histopathology/Molecular
    • Gross/Microscopic Exam
    • Bacterial Count
      • Water Samples
      • Larval/Postlarval Prawn
    • Molecular Detection
  • Residue Analysis (endorsement only to Central Office)
    • Chlorampenicol
    • Nitrofuran
    • Microbiological Assay

Issuance of Health Certificate for In-Country Trans-Boundary Movement for Live Shrimps and Seaweeds for Aquaculture Purposes

  • Laboratory Analysis Report
  • Traceability Profile (hatchery name, address, tabk no., destination, no. of samples to be transported)
  • Shrimp Fry Source Certificate
  • Shrimp Grow-out Certificate
  • Certificate of Compliance of BFAR-Accredited Hatchery

Distribution of Laboratory-grown Seaweed Propagules to Seaweed Nursery and Grow-out Farms

  • Request Form
  • Acknowledgement

Licensing of Commercial Fishing Boat, Gears and Fishermen

Fishpond Lease Agreement Administration and Management (FAO 197)

Quarantine Services

  • Application Letter
  • Letter of Intent
  • Risk Analysis
  • Laboratory Certificate
  • Pro-formula Invoice
  • Business Permit or Article of Incorporation
  • By-laws Approved by Security and Exchange Commission