I. Basic Information

AddressBrgy. Zone 3, UEP, Catarman, Northern Samar
Geographical Location12.5071172N 124.660415E
Total Land Area (has)0.4828
Date Established 
Established/Acquired thru 
Status of Land OwnershipMOA with UEP
Development Zone 
Major ThrustProduction of tilapia fingerlings in support to production
Minor Thrust 
Station SuperintendentMareyane D. Rojas
Contact. No.0906-921-1143

II. Details of Production

No. of UnitsTotal Area (ha)Estimated Production Area (ha)Estimated Production Capacity (MT/yr)
Broodstock pond60.04740.0474480000 pcs/yr

III. Commodities Produced

No. of pcs/unitsEstimated Volume of fingerlings produced (Annual)
Fingerlings150/pc480000 pcs/yr