Recognizing the right of Indigenous People to access fisheries livelihood interventions and their significant role in inclusive fish production and sufficiency

The Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources (BFAR) Region 8, through the Provincial Fisheries Office (PFO) of Biliran, continues to provide input materials and technical assistance on Tilapia Production in Ponds to the Mamanwa Tribe in Almeria, Biliran.

To date, the tribe has successfully harvested more than 200 kilograms of tilapia from their 60-square-meter fishpond since the second semester of 2023 and January 2024. The modest earnings from these previous harvests, although meager, have provided them with a good amount of money to purchase some of their necessities, in addition to having an immediate source of food for their families.

“Dako gud an ak pagpasalamat ha BFAR (PFO) Biliran nga magbalik-balik ha akon nganhi. Maupay inin programa han pag tilapia,” were the words of gratitude of Jay-R Calinawan, Tribe leader of the said Mamanwa beneficiaries.

(“I am greatly thankful to BFAR (PFO) Biliran, which consistently visits us. This tilapia culture program in ponds is a good one.”)

Mr. Calinawan, representing the other 22 members of his tribe, has committed to continuing to work diligently and dedicating themselves to this new aquaculture venture, with a focus on sharing their expertise with the next generations, especially their children.

Through this intervention, the tribe has engaged in aquaculture for the first time. Now, the tribe receives additional income from tilapia farming, complementing their traditional sources of livelihood, which include the production of rattan-made furniture and coconut cultivation.