Indeed, the evolution of information and communications technology has brought BFAR 8 closer to the people.

The region’s fishing industry is on its way to more development that special projects like the mariculture activities are being implemented and on-going. These we owe to the advancement of technology, coupled with the tireless efforts of the technology team of the Bureau in learning the latest techniques and the dissemination/application of the same to yield positive and fruitful results in the long run. 

Regularly, BFAR 8 will give updates (through this medium) of all its development programs and activities to open doors for more investments, thereby giving possibilities for the upliftment of the lives of our constituents, especially the fisherfolk. After all, that is what we are here for.

With these, we trust that the concerned sector will be more aware of every program being offered by our government and take strides for their eventual and more progress. Rest assured, this representation will exercise even-handedly in dealing with everyone in all matters concerning our office in the name of efficient and excellent public service.